A French native, my name is Catherine and not Tina! Tinaliah embodies the spirit of perseverance, which I had to do a lot in life. I am (besides making hats) with my husband John, helping other under-served Makers, Artists and Artisans reach their full potential in the artisan economy. 

Deeply concerned with how over-consumerism and its ignorance contribute to poverty, earnestly for the protection of the environment, we recycle, re-use or up-cycled textile, in all its forms. This unable T1 to design and manufacture high end and beautiful products at a relatively low cost. We aim to bring manufacturing back to Connecticut.

Tinaliah “the One who persevere”or T2 is a non-profit and Tinaliah Designs and Co-op or T1 is a for profit that sells products made by its local artisans.

T1, Co-op members design, sew, crochet, knit, even write and take pictures.

T2, offers workshops on sewing, up-cycling, hat making, felting, life skills to youth and adult.Threads & Needles is our next coming workshop.

Tinaliah, T2 program Threads & Needles is the winner of the 2018 Yale/Dwight Hall Innovation Social Lab Award, as a non Yale participant. https://dwighthall.org/get-involved/programs/social-innovation-lab

Ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself.