12/2016 WITH (WIth Those Hands):

Downtown New Haven, under snowing conditions Tinaliah Co-op crew gave handmade scarves to people in need . The Co-op and its Artisans, refugees from Congo and Syria, local crocheting master and up-cycling sewing queen were contracted by United Way for this fund raising campaign, which did beyond expectations! Contact us for your corporation, business or foundation to provide gifts or fund raise. We sew, knit, crochet using recycled materials making  bags, monogrammed articles, hats, scarves, phone and vine pouches. We will make You (green, social, and local) look good.    



Tinaliah “the One who perseveres” is a local non- profit, deeply concerned for its youth. End of May and in June 2017 its director, French Textile Artist will be offering free workshops, providing life and transferable skills to under-served young people, age 7-11. Students will learn how to weave, to sew and mold while gaining self-esteem and having fun. 

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08/2017   Co-branding with the Salvation Army and its up-cycled clothing line Redeem.

Fashionistas beware!! We are making Eco-friendly design looking glamorous using second time around articles of clothing. Sensibly with the amount of garment that is being discarded yearly, it makes a lot of sense.  Did you know that in the US. 70 lbs per person, per year, is being thrown or given away. The landfill is in need of Tenactin or us. (bitter sweet ah, ah.) 

09/22/2017 CT Fashion Week, Eco-Couture Fashion Show

Fall mini-collection of up-cycled sweaters,

A free event at City Hall, New Haven CT. sponsored by the Salvation Army. In their effort to better sustain the earth, SA created a new brand called Redeem. We were hired to create a Fall winter mini collection entirely made of gently used sweaters, including hats from used remolded ones. 

11/04/2017 Tinaliah presents Co-op member, Sharon "Shay" Jones to the Creative Art Workshop, Audubon Art District in New Haven, for their Celebration of American Craft starting Nov 25th-Dec 25th. Shay makes beautiful and unique aprons.   



Coming soon our Inclusive Economic Development Center

 After setting up various small businesses, we are ready to move to the next level. Other organizations provide small business instruction but none is equal and as efficient for inclusion of under-served population as our hand on/biz training where English is spoken slowly and at time interpreted, words aren't lofty, and ambiance is familial.

"Bushra Fashion" spotted here after registering her new business at New Haven City Hall.

"Bushra Fashion" spotted here after registering her new business at New Haven City Hall.

Toto Kisaku, Kmu Theater, Performing Art Consultant business set up.

Toto Kisaku, Kmu Theater, Performing Art Consultant business set up.