social justice

Dwight Hall, SOM and us.

        "Maii-what!" I would have said in Bishlamar, the native tongue of the island where I was raised in the New Hebrides Island (South Pacific). From the time when I found myself disabled at age 34 over 2 decades ago until now, we (including for the past 9 years my husband John) have come such a long way! Wow would be more or less the American translation or incredible, I cannot believe it!

 Yet, yes after all the others steps we have been taking, this one is only another natural one within the journey. The closer you get to your goals the more precise the revelation becomes. Even though we are still far from the global enterprise, I first dreamed about, the social justice of it is really picking its head out and that is a real pleasure. Dwight Hall at Yale Center for Public Service and Social Justice, Innovation lab mentor-ship award, reinforce the Social aspect we always had and sort of make it official. The presentation that is following our short session with Yale is coming up in a few days. I remember arriving in New Haven from New York, where I was living in a room of a Bronx Catholic Residence, after years of homelessness. The Green, Yale Oxford look next to the elms, nothing as a foreigner seemed accessible then. I was at home anywhere but they did not know that (I had traveled so much). It took a lot of research to find out, who they were and my place in this final outpost. I used to say New York for the fashion and Yale for the brain, the train indeed stops here. A decade, an event, Wenesday April 18th 2018 at the School of Management (SOM), room 2420, Tinaliah 'the One who perseveres" will be presenting. Meanwhile I just want to delight in the thought of it., under non yale participant.