What is it that we capitalize?

Governor, Edward Stack will preside over Congress at 3:00 pm.

Edward Stack, governor of Never Everland is deeply troubled by income disparity in his state.

That is one way to look at it. Where is the accent put on?

The priority lays in our grammatical correctness, but even there….many shades of grey can be found..

At Tinaliah, we Capitalize on collaboration and reaching common goals together. All the efforts put into developing Tinaliah Co-op, have their ways to come back gracefully as members’personal reward. As we persevere together, we become better together. The availability each one demonstrates, continue to help all of us collectively and individually.

I suppose like in any other worth while organization, one gets rewarded by combining skills and efforts toward a vision or a common goal. The only difference lay in the fact that we are all members, I am a member just as anyone else, who wants to become involved. I Capitalize on Tinaliah Co-op, labeling my hats with the name of the collective “by Tinaliah Co-op”, in order for the collective to benefit, instead of putting my sole name on it. It is my choice. If the product shines others will shine as well. Their products will get a better chance to succeed by association. The Co-op members and supporters, who understand and apply Tinaliah collaborative ‘s principle, develop a passion for what we do. They understand what we do and want to get involved.

Members have become involved in fashion shows, sale events, free and discounted workshops and scholarships, exhibits and state representation, introduced to mentors and groups that could help them grow, some have received contracts adding to great financial increase.

An Irish proverbs states “Love many, trust a few, always paddle your own canoe”, people come and go, it is so good to find the few that will share, travail with us and share our heart to make the World a more collaborative space.